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Your Pro Website Review Includes:

First Impression Video Review
Indepth Video Review
Domain & Hosting Analysis
Mobile Responsiveness Testing
Website Accessibility Analysis
SEO Structure Analysis
SEO Schema Analysis
5 Step Report

True Blind, First Impression Review:

Using nothing but your existing website URL, we give one of our professional website reviewers the context of what they are looking for (your industry and problems you solve). They will then record a short video of their first impressions of your website.
Because this is a blind review, they do not know what you do, what products or services you offer or even who your ideal target market is.
Ideally, your website will communicate that quickly and clearly to them.
Their first impression video will be delivered to you so you can witness their first hand experience with your existing website.
Note: the results received are often extremely transformative for the client.

Indepth Website Review:

We will have one of our senior website analysts review your website in detail.
This includes content analysis, site design, site structure, ability to sell, calls to action and much more.
You'll receive a detailed video with all of the observations. The video will be around 15-20 mins in length.

Hosting Analysis:

We take a good look at your website performance and report on any optimizations that could be made to improve it's speed.
We will also analyze your IP address to check for any issues.

Mobile Readiness Test:

Your website needs to perform well on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.
We'll run your website through our mobile responsiveness testing that details how well your website displays and performs on mobile devices.

Is Your Website Accessible?

Certain businesses are required by law to have accessible websites.
We'll run your website through our ADA Accessibility checker to see how it conforms to the current WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

Examining Your Site Structure:

SEO is critical to the success of your website. Search engine optimization can help you attract more visitors to your website, just by appearing naturally in the results people find on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
We'll look at the key indicators on your website pages to see if they can be better optimized.

Examining Your Site Data:

Telling the search engines what your web pages are about can be achieved by using recognized data schemata.
We'll examine your website looking for use of the most common and obvious schemata that could be used to describe your content.

What to Do Next:

After we've performed all of our analysis we'll provide a detailed report with all of our recommendations that would help your website deliver better results for your business.
Pro Website Review
First Impression Video Review
Indepth Video Review
Domain & Hosting Analysis
Mobile Responsiveness Testing
Website Accessibility Analysis
SEO Structure Analysis
SEO Schema Analysis
5 Step Recommendations Report
Normally $395, Now Only: $275
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“They pushed me in ways I wasn't expecting...Now I can see it was the right way to operate. Steve and Karen are honesty, integrity and professionalism at its best. I highly recommend them!”

David Ralph
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