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Achieving a great return on Adwords and PPC campaigns requires a deep marketing intelligence paired with in-depth analytical knowledge and understanding.
What this means is this: get great results with investing in PPC management services, you need to work with someone who has the experience and expertise to get the best results for you.
The Social Persuasion team develops and runs PPC marketing campaigns based on proven principles and best practices gained from over 19 years of experience.
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Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Services

Our team has worked with the Adwords program since Google launched it on day one back in 2000. We've worked with PPC ads since before Adwords even began.

PPC Setup

When you hire us to manage your PPC campaigns, we include all of the setup needed to get your Google Ads (Adwords) up and running.

Campaign Optimization

The management service we provide means we are constantly tweaking your Google Ads campaign variables. We carefully monitor all aspects in detail.

Results Refinement

Statistical results are important for optimizing your campaigns, however our team is ultimately focused on improving your business results.

Setting the Right Context for PPC Success

Google Ads campaigns are an effective method for getting fast and on-going results for your business. The success of any PPC campaign is reliant on your chosen keywords (targeted search phrases), your website and most importantly, the copy (messaging) on your landing pages.

Preparing for PPC Campaigns

After discussing the marketing objectives, setting goals and a budget, the initial market analysis is performed to reveal the ideal keyword search phrases. Keywords are selected based on their relevance to your products and services as well as their demand and estimated cost per click.
Before an paid ad campaigns begin, your market and their pain points need to be completely understood. What are they trying to solve? What are they looking for? What is it they want?
We'll install the needed tracking scripts on your website, including code to analyze conversions. After making any additional changes needed to improve the results and minimize the campaign costs, we'll create your initial ad-set.

Adwords Campaign Setup

Ad Delivery and Ongoing Improvement

Your initial campaign will start slowly with us watching every step. We'll test the campaign and how it is setup. as well as monitor the website landing pages. Before we begin the full launch we will examine the entire process from beginning to end.
After the successful launch of your campaign we make on-going adjustments to improve the results and to ensure you receive an continual supply of targeted leads directly into your business.
As your Adwords campaign continues we'll look at growing your keyword base by identifying new keyword opportunities.

PPC Campaign Optimization

Monthly Campaign Review

We take the results we achieve for you very seriously. We expect to deliver the best service possible to our clients.
Every month we schedule an in-person review session (can be over the phone if preferred) where we examine the results and the improvements made for your business.
We also look at your upcoming business activities and events and make plans for adding to or adjusting your campaign.

Results Review & Refinement

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