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Local Search Engine Optimization is a Must Have to Get Your Business Found

If your business is going to thrive you must have a digital presence where your customers are looking. Online review platforms, mobile device usage and digital engagement strategies rely on a strong search engine ranking.

Strategic SEO Consulting for Local Businesses

We provide extensive local SEO marketing services designed to translate into high-quality traffic, better lead generation, and increased profitability for small businesses.​
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for attracting natural, organic traffic from local searches, both traditional and mobile devices.

Our SEO Process


We always start with an initial consultation to understand your exact needs before recommending a solution. Not everyone has the same goals, and in some cases, a well implemented SEO campaign may not achieve your goals by itself.


SEO is a catalyst. SEO, if done correctly, will increase the amount of traffic arriving at one of your web pages. If that page does a poor job at convincing the visitor to join your email list or buy your product, then an SEO campaign will just magnify the results you are already getting.

Existing Website Analysis

Before we begin improving your organic search engine rankings, we need to evaluate your current website. We'll look at your content as well as more technical details, like what HTML tags are being used. meta tag usage and more.

Market & Competition Analysis

Chances are you've got some competition out there. We can optionally analysis your competitor's website and find out where we can improve your website and reveal opportunities your competitors have missed.

Keyword Research

Based on your market and ideal customer avatar, we'll perform extensive research to identify your most promising keywords to target. We'll guide you on which ones you should target first for quick wins.

Structured Data

As part of our Website services, we can also implement structured data in your web page content using recognized data schemas. As SEO experts, we know the superior value of structured data over now ineffective methods like Latent Symantec Indexing (LSI).

SEO Architected Website

Using the keyword and market research we have gathered, we can optionally architect your entire website using an SEO guided structure that will help your website. When paired with our content marketing service, your website will be unstoppable.

Measure, Refine, Improve

Your website's initial analysis is only the first step. Every month we'll continue to improve your search results and help your business grab more of the spotlight in your local area.

Our Sarasota Based Local SEO Services Deliver Results

5 Reasons Why Local
SEO is Important


Google Loves Local

Google loves local businesses because they are highly specific and tend to attract highly focused customers who want a specific solution.

New Local Connections & Opportunities

Local SEO helps get your name out in the area. In addition to gaining more customers, a strong local search presence helps you make meaningful connections and form highly beneficial partnerships.

Quickly Reach Your Target Customer

By targeting specific, locally focused keywords, your local SEO campaign will get your business directly in-front of your most desired customers.

Enhances Online Credibility

Getting excellent business reviews helps to improve your integrity and trustworthiness in the eyes of the search engines and, most importantly, your local potential customers.

It's Crucial for Mobile Traffic

According to a recent survey1, 82% of smartphone shoppers conduct "near me" searches. This results in higher mobile traffic to your website and thus, your business.

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Expert SEO Tasks

When you engage us to work with your local business, we use a wide array of SEO services to perform top notch SEO analysis of your website. We're so confident in our skills, we guarantee your results.​

Keyword Research

We'll use the most advanced research tools to find the most relevant and effective keyword phrases to target to get the best results (increased sales).

Visible Onsite Analysis

We analyze the visible content on your website and optimize it to maximize your targeted keyword effectiveness for up to 15 pages of content.

Invisible Website Analysis

Each of your website pages also contain non-visible data that searches look for. We'll look at this meta-data and make sure it is optimized and set correctly on up to 15 pages.

Negative Link Cleanup

We check your website's inbound links to see if any of them are hurting your SEO results. If found, we'll submit the bad links to Google's Disavow tool in order to reduce their negative impact on your website's search rankings.

SEO Health Evaluation

Your website's SEO health includes more than just the content. We analyze and review: the quality and quantity of your inbound links, we crawl your on–page links and content, content impact on search, robots.txt, duplicate content issues and other items that are known to affect SEO campaign performance.

Before and After Comparison

We save an archive copy of all of the pages included in your SEO campaign. This allows us to present a valuable "before and after" snapshot comparison of each web page so you can learn how we changed your website.

Website Content Creation

We'll create new content for your website for keyword phrases that are currently omitted from your site's content before we launch your SEO campaign.

Mobile Map & GPS Submissions

We help you get found on mobile with link building and additional profile submissions via GPS Services (auto GPS) including: TomTom, Chevrolet, Toyota and other automotive, phone and desktop map services.

Online Yellow Pages Submissions

We'll do more Link building and submit profiles for your business via the Online Yellow Pages websites and other top 100 business listing websites.

Business Directory Listing Submissions

We'll submit your website to the most relevant business directories like, Merchant Circle and over 200 additional sources. This will give your website greater exposure and provide additional link building.

Voice Recognition & Search Submissions

We submit your profile and get backlinks via voice search technology services like Apple’s Siri, Android Devices and Amazon's Alexa platform.

Local SEO Registration

We'll create (or optimize) your local Google My Business listing to make as much impact for your business as we can.

XML Sitemaps

We generate and construct a complete set of XML sitemaps to entice detailed BOT crawling by the search engines and to highlight any crawling issues. The sitemaps are then released to, and crawled by all of the major search engines.

Search Engine Submissions

We submit your website to over 25 US – based website search engines, including all major engines except Amazon - see our Authority Building services for more information.

Ongoing Algorithm Adjustments

With Google and Bing implementing hundreds of ranking adjustments per year we study the search engines on a daily basis. We are continually adjustmenting to your marketing campaigns as required.

Ongoing SEO Program

We work on your SEO campaign on a monthly basis with the work priority evolving as your results grow, from adding more content and pages, making optimization adjustments, creating more inbound links, keyword retargeting and much more.

Google Analytics Setup

We setup Google Analytics in your own account (if you don't have one already). We then analyze your website traffic to identify your websites hot and cold content and then deliver detailed SEO campaign performance feedback.

Webmaster Tools Setup

We register and setup the Webmaster Tools accounts for both Google and Bing. These Webmaster Tools accounts provide a direct feedback portal from each search engine. This information highlights key performance metrics that we use to help identify problems with the website, the campaign and to direct our future SEO work.

Website Design Recommendations

When you work with us you get access to our wealth of design experience. We make observations about how your existing website can be improved in order to grow your business faster and stronger.

Monthly Performance Reports

Each month. we send you a detailed keyword ranking report showing the current rankings for your active keyword phrases across Google, Yahoo and Bing. We also give you an SEO campaign update and discuss its progress.

Internet Marketing & Profit Consulting

Over the course of the past 12 years we have invested over $100,000 in our own Internet Marketing education. We've helped some of the top internet marketers grow their businesses. We've also helped regular business owners like you generate a 6 figure monthly income from their websites. We have the experience and knowledge to help you too!

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